Karen has been working with my multiple animals since 2006 by intuiting their intentions and perceptions. Her talent as an animal communicator has helped me through dozens of animal caregiver challenges.


I am so thankful I was able to meet with Karen! She gave me insight into the other side and talked to me about my chart. I cannot wait until she comes to Reno again so I can meet with her. This has been a life changing experience and I cannot wait to learn more!


Karen has helped myself and my daughter with so many aspects of her teaching. We have met with Karen many times in both a group setting and one on one. I was very interested to learn how my life would change this year, and sure enough, she was right! I look forward to seeing her again in October to talk about the changes I have made and changes to come. I have enjoyed readings with her including astrological, soul searching and learning about my Guides and Angels. I feel so lucky to have met someone that is so in touch with the other side. Thank you my friend Karen!


I met with Karen and came away feeling uplifted and positive about the direction I could take my life. Karen was very genuine and sincere in her desire to help guide me in a positive direction. Her insight  and kind words of wisdom as to what my path could be were very inspirational. I would recommend Karen to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and explore what may be possible with a new mindset that focuses on the positives of this life and beyond.


I appreciate Karen so much because she helped me with my gifts of reaching the other side. I have learned so much and know I will continue to learn from Karen. I feel better about myself and my abilities since I have been able to speak with Karen. I am also learning astrology from Karen. Whether you have ability and need help directing it, or you are looking for answers, Karen is the person!