Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to prepare for a session?

A. Bring an open mind! Often you get to visit with more than one friend or family member on the Other Side and not always in the order you think you want to hear from them. If you are focused on what you want to hear or from whom, you may not be open to a visit from someone else. On the Other Side they know what is best for us to hear which is sometimes different than what we think we want to hear.


Q. How do folks on the Other Side communicate with you?

A. They use words, pictures, feelings, smells whatever they believe will get me to convey the message they have for you. They tell me and show me what they wish to tell you. Just as with folks on this side, some are easier to communicate with, are better able to deliver their message. Also, the individual or group receiving can make it easier or more challenging with their acceptance or resistance.


Q. How do you do that?

A. I relax my body, say a prayer for the person/people receiving the session, step aside and focus on whoever shows up. I think of myself as being like a radio. I tune in to those that are present and pass along whatever they have to talk about. I often don’t remember much about a session later as the messages are not for me. I’m just the radio!


Q. How can Astrology benefit me?

A. A birth chart gives information about the individual; what is significant to them, the perspective they approach life with, their preferences, what challenges they have, how they communicate, and what is happening now for them. This information is useful for oneself, to better understand our spouses, children, friends and family, even our bosses and employees. We can see where we connect with others and where we experience challenges in our relationships. Astrology also gives us information about timing in our lives.


Q. Do you communicate with animals?

A. Yes! With animals on the Other Side and on this side. And as with people, some animals have more to say and are better communicators than others.