About Karen

I am a natural medium, first aware of talking with folks on the Other Side when I was 6 years old.  This was unacceptable in my family.  I learned to focus on other things.

I was introduced to Astrology in 1979.  It made sense! What a great tool for understanding ourselves, our plan, and others.  Still a passionate student of Astrology, I’ve also learned Numerology.  The 2 sciences work well together, bringing insight and understanding.  This is a great way to approach timing, look at our path, recognize our challenges, see how we connect with others, and more.

In 2003 a friend crossed over, then paid me a visit. He asked me how I was going to feel if I left my body and had not accomplished what I had intended for this life. I wasn’t sure I agreed with the reincarnation theory, so I dove into a quest for understanding. I looked at past lives, found volunteers to sit for me so I could talk to their friends and family on the Other Side and I read everything that landed near me, asking many, many questions.

I have devoted the majority of my focus to learning and to practicing and stretching my skills since that day in 2003. I feel very fortunate that I was given a way to help other people, doing what I love to do.

Currently, I offer individual and group sessions for conversations with your loved ones on the other side. I offer psychic consultations focusing on events currently happening in your life as well as Astrology charts and consultations. All sessions are available by phone or I am available for face to face consultations. Classes are available as scheduled, contact me for schedule.