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It is through self-understanding and our connection to Source Energy that we are able to live joyfully, to share love and light with others.



I’m glad you are here, it’s not a mistake.  Thank you for visiting!

For you to be here, it’s likely that someone you know and trust recommended me. You were told something about the work I do, the gift I’ve been given, and choose to share.


I’m kinda like a radio.  I tune in to the individual and relay the information from Spirit. Each conversation is unique.

Always Spirit knows you.  Always Spirit loves you.


Spirit offers both practical and soul growth assistance. Spirit offers what is best for you, what really matters in your heart.

At this time of great change, we are fortunate to have messages to assist us as we navigate forward, build our new world, and prosper in all ways.

We are all Spiritual beings, in a physical experience. Think of Earth as a school while the Other Side is home.


We can connect with loved ones on the Other Side, enjoy a visit.

We can get guidance on the events and challenges in our lives.

We can have practical help with our personal and professional lives.

We can have Spiritual help.

We can look at our intention for this journey.

I can help


Medium • Psychic • Astrology

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